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Self Service Lounge Entry SCANNER

Unit Furniture and Graphic User Interface

The Virgin Australia self-service lounge entry kiosk is a guest facing interaction point that facilitates self-service entry to the Virgin Australia lounge. Guests can gain access by swiping or scanning membership cards.

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A key objective of the design brief was for the form and materials used in the product to integrate into the aesthetic language already developed in the lounge and work across all Virgin Australia lounges, whatever the layout or configuration.

A modular and configurable design solution was also required so that the unit could either be mounted to the foyer pillars or attached to a custom free standing floor plinth with minimum changes.

The design team faced internal cable management, electrical and thermal convection challenges to ensure the unit footprint was kept to a minimum and didn’t create a unit with an imposing and static appearance.

DuPont™ Corian® was applied to the main interface panel and the front fascia panels. Corian® chosen as the material of choice for its high quality look and feel, outstanding durability as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning, plus it can be easily machined and thermoformed.

The tactile qualities of Corian® were also an important factor in the choice of material as the kiosk is often the guest’s first touch point as they enter the premium lounge experience.

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