After studying in the UK and working in the Europe and US Craig Mounsey decided to have a break. In search of adventure, he decided to travel to Australia as part of a racing yacht delivery crew for Ragamuffins’ first Sydney to Hobart. 

After he had a chance to travel and acclimatise Craig realised there was an opportunity to establish a premium European model design company. In 1995 CMD was founded in Brisbane. 

For the next 15 years we committed to providing superior service and design excellence to our clients. This established CMD as one of the largest and most respected and awarded industrial design consultancies in Australasia. 

However, we sensed a change in the air. The Global Financial Crisis was bringing turbulent seas to our shores. Our value position was being challenged. Industrial design was becoming commoditised; cheap overseas resources were starting to penetrate the market and we were vulnerable.


Rediscovery of our Purpose.

We weren’t the only ones being tested. Our clients were facing their own challenges. Because of an economic downturn, high Australian dollar and changing trading conditions, many companies were struggling to sustain their value proposition. 

We could see our clients needed help with their design and innovation strategies. Now more than ever companies needed to refocus on their customers and engage in a new and more meaningful way by offering customer centered products, services and experiences.

For 15 years we had been helping our clients to design products right. It was time to evolve to help them choose the right products to design. 

So we set about creating a new way to engage with our clients, on behalf of their customers. What we didn’t expect was a complete transformation of our own business.

Somewhere in the middle we rediscovered our purpose: to partner with our clients and design customer experiences that matter. Experiences that deliver for the people who use our products, for the planet and for the bottom line.


Consultant to COLLABORATOR.

We continue the transformation. Our journey is one of evolving our position from consultants to highly trusted partners and collaborators.

We understand the world needs a new value proposition. We realise that we have an important role to play for our clients by providing momentum, intent and alignment.

We realise that design outcomes (gaining knowledge and developing strategy ) are now as important as products and services.

Ultimately the CMD story will be about collaboration and creating magical customer experiences.