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Pathfinder 900

Pathology Labratory

The PathFinder is a fully automated system for all pre and post-analytical tasks that are performed within a pathology laboratory. The 900 provides laboratories with Intelligent Patient Sample Management to improve the efficiency and work flow of daily operations.

The unique modular design allows the 900 to be easily installed into any laboratory to perform complex functions ranging from, unloading test tubes, identify and verifying samples, de-capping primary tubes, Aliquot samples, labelling and cap secondary tubes and robotically places tubes directly into sorted racks whilst continually communicating with a central database called Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

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The PathFinders unique design is a modular system, any modules can be replaced within a 20min period this means easy repairs reducing costly down-time due to repairs. The PathFinder has 4 robotic sorters that process incoming samples, samples tubes are robotically placed in holders (called Pucks). Pucks are RFID enabled which identifies samples in addition to the barcodes present on each tube. The Puck is constantly monitored as it progresses through the PathFinder and tubes are also optically scanned as they pass through the Identification Module ensuring the PathFinder is Error Proof in its monitoring and processing of samples.

The PathFinder was designed primarily for the European market, a highly resolved form was needed. The unit is available in Orange, Yellow, Red & Blue. Colours were chosen specifically to help break down preconceived ideas of how a medical device should look. Great care has been taken to facilitate easy cleaning and sterilisation at the end of each day.

The PathFinder 900 is a full-feature automation system for all pre/post-analytical tasks performed within pathology laboratories. It provides full specimen tracking and preparation within one enclosure. A unique modular design enables the PathFinder 900 to be easily installed within any laboratory to perform the following functions:

  • Unload tubes from racks
  • Identify and verify tubes
  • De-cap and Re-cap primary tubes
  • Aliquot, label and cap secondary tubes
  • Place tubes directly into sorted racks
  • Specimen archival and retrieval
  • Continually communicate with the LIS (Laboratory Information System)

Attention to detail is obvious in every area of the PathFinder. From the robotic modules through to the selection of fasteners, every area has been carefully considered to ensure the device is appropriate, durable, reliable and accurate.

PathFinder has been thoughtfully designed with ergonomic data at the vanguard from the outset. Every aspect of user interaction has been visited, work surface and monitor heights do not disadvantage any users within the anthropometric spectrum. Hip activated retractable shelves, allow operators to access bench space whist carrying a tray loaded with samples.

Assembly and servicing has also been considered with modules designed to be easily lifted and replaced without exceeding ergonomic guidelines for excessive weight.

There is a increasing demand within laboratories and hospitals for equipment that can accurately and rapidly process specimen samples. Quality, attention to detail and product efficiency has ensured the PathFinders longevity in the market. All components used meet or exceed the requirements of the ROHS and Low Voltage Directives. PathFinder has been “designed for disassembly” and boasts a reclaimable/recyclable material content of greater than 95%. Every effort has been made during the design of PathFinder to ensure a reduced negative effect on human health and the environment.

PathFinder can be delivered and assembled by a single technician and be operating the same day.  This feat is remarkable given the complex nature of the design. All parts of the PathFinder have been designed to fit into the dimensions of some of the smallest lifts in Europe.